Old Observatories in Armenia – The Original Brain Centre

Old Observatories in Armenia - The Original Brain CentreNow the Republic of Armenia is a small country in the North part of the large historical Armenian Highland. Nevertheless in this small Armenia there are very many petroglyphs on rocks and old observatories near lake Sevan, in Vardeniss mounts (Fig. 41), in Metsamor (Ararat valley), in Syunic, in Agarak (at the foot of mount Aragats), etc.

It is very interesting that another old Observatory like Karahunj (but smaller) is in 30 km from town Goris near village Khndzoresk. I am sure that many old observatories are in Armenian Highland (now in Turkey). In town Van (near Lake Van) there are Standing Stones of different height. Two of them, so called “Fiancee and Fiance”, are shown in Fig. 42.

Fig. 41. An Observatory with figures carved on rock in Vardeniss mounts near Lake Sevan. Fig. 42. “Fiancee and Fiance”. Standing Stones near town Van

The Karahunj type standing stones with holes are near village Kazan . or Kaghzvan (now in Turkey), to the West from the Big Ararat. My friend from Holland G.Aalten sent me photos (made by B.Corbin in 1998) of these standing stones (Fig. 43a), some of them with holes (Fig. 43b) and with carved old crosses (before Christianity) and pyramids (Fig. 43c).

The Original Brain Centre

Many scientists write that the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Sphinxes and other big old Monuments in Europe, Egypt, America and other places were not the culture of local population (at that time they had not such high level of knowledge) but were introduced from outside, perhaps from East, from the Mediterranean sea basin. But where from exactly and who really designed and built them is unknown yet.

There are also many other enigmas and questions in human old history having no answers. For example, why the big Monuments were built in their present places (for what it was necessary to carry many stones 50 tons each and more from distances of hundreds km), for what purposes they were built, who could build them with so high accuracy, who could make the map of Antarctica without glisters, more than 6000 years ago?

In connection with this extraordinary map of 1513 AD G.Hancock (and other scientists) thinks that in very old times, more than 6000 years ago on the Earth was a high developed civilization, the place of which is unknown yet and which researched almost all Planet and gave the knowledge to other nations.

We can answer to these questions because Karahunj proves that in very old times the necessary knowledge (to design and build so big and accurate Monuments) had only Armennians. There are the facts that many of old Monuments have real relation to Karahunj, and were conceived and planned here. Let me tell about some of these facts.

Inside of Great Pyramid in Egypt (2450 BC, cp = 30°) nobody was interred. Nevertheless, inside of it from the funeral chamber of king a narrow (20 x 25 cm) shaft is made (in process of building) directed to the Orion belt . bright star (to its culmination point at that time).

And from the chamber of queen there is another shaft directed to the Sirius star culmination altitude 39.5° (at that time), see Fig. 44 [36]. But at that time the Orion constellation was called the Hayk constellation [19] and Great Pyramid was built at the time of Armenian King Hayk (2493 – 2444 BC).

The Hayk constellation always was (and is) accompanied by Sirius (Alpha of Canis Major or “Big Dog” – “The loved one in house of Holy person”). The next important fact: the altitude 39.5° of queen – Sirius shaft is !:!: actly equal to Karahunj latitude 39.5°! It is possible to be only on latitude 30°, where is the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge are on latitudes, which are almost at equal distances from Karahunj latitude (39.5 ± 10°). As it is shown by R.Bauvel, the disposition of three Big Pyramids in Giza iterates the positions of three stars in Orion Belt, see Fig. 45.

Karahunj astronomers had much interest in Hayk (Orion) and Canis Major (with Sirius) constellations during 7500 – 4500 years ago, i.e. long before the Pyramids were built (see Tables 5 and 6 in Items 1.24 and 1.25), and Great Pyramid was connected with that interest.

The Stonehenge (2000 BC) is on the latitude cp = 51°, where (and only here) the four points on the horizon of the Sun and Moon rising and setting in their extreme positions form a rectangle. Besides, the altitude of the Sun in Stonehenge at noon of equinox days is almost equal to Karahunj  latitude: 90° – 51° = 39° (difference about 0.5°).

There are underground rivers near Stonehenge and Karahunj. There are deep (30 m) wells close to Stonehenge and to ruins of VII century Armenian round temple Zvartnots (near Etchmiadzin) which, perhaps, earlier was another Karahunj.

Callanish is on latitude which is Arctic Circle for Moon [28], and its latitude is about «p = 55.5° (55.5° – 16° = 39.5° = the latitude of Karahunj). The oldest Egyptian Observatory near present Asuan” is on latitude about «p = 23.5° (23.5° + 16° = 39.5° = the latitude of Karahunj).

It is obvious, that these four old Monuments (Stonehenge and Great Pyramid, Callanish and Asuan) were built on specially chosen (by somebody) latitudes and are closely connected with Karahunj (39.5° ± 10° and 39.5° ± 16°). Of course, there were taken into account for Monument place choice also other important conditions: climate, presence of many workers, of water, etc.

All these tell us that it was in old Armenia the Original Brain Centre (OBC), where the building of different Monuments was planned. They knew astronomy, mathematics, Earth ball-form, its sizes, technology of stone treatment, etc. and had necessary enough accurate instruments including compass”, sextant, protractor and others.

Of course, they measured preliminary the latitudes of many places. They were the first who divided the Sky into 12 parts (Zodiacal Constellations) and 360 degrees (12×30=3600), divided day into 24 hours (12×2=24), the hour to 60 minutes (12×5=60min=lh.), the minute to 60 seconds (12×5= 60sec = 1min), thereat 1 sec. is almost equal to 1 period of human heart rhythm. In the result the Sky (i.e. Earth) rotates with velocity 15 degree per hour, or 15 arc. minute per minute, or 15 arc. sec. per second, easy to remember.

It was decided in OBC to build at first the Great Pyramid at latitude «p = 30°, in order the elevation of Sirius extreme to be equal 39.5°, as Karahunj latitude. The difference was 39.5° – 30° = 9.5°. To build Stonehenge on the same latitude shift, Le, on latitude 39.5° + 9.5° = 49° was impossible because unfortunately, there was English Channel (La Mansh).

So they decided to go to cp = 51° where were good conditions and another connection with Karahunj: the equality (approximate) of Sun elevation at equinox noon to the Karahunj latitude.

It is interesting also that Carnak (latitude about 48°) in Britain (France) was built almost at the same time (2000 BC) with Stonehenge and the middle latitude between them is equal to 39.5 ±10= 49.5°. Indeed, 48+51 = 99: 2= 49.5 -10 = 39.5°, Le, the latitude of Karahunj.

Then the place latitudes for Callanish and Asuan Observatory, as 39.5° ± 16° were chosen. Of course, at these places at first simple observatories were built by them, as for example, the circles near Goseck, Germany (4900 BC, latitude about 50°).

I think, the places were chosen by this way, although to build Monuments in these places it was necessary to do the titanic work to carry very big stones for Stonehenge and Great Pyramid from the distances of hundreds kilometres.

Why did they decide to build so big Monuments, for what main purpose? I think, the main purpose of Great Pyramid and Stonehenge building was to tell, to lead, to bring, to inform the far future generations about the great scientific discovery they knew, the Ball-form of the Earth!

They were clever enough to understand that many scientific knowledge could be forgotten, because population on Earth at that time generally was not yet civilized, had no written language, Le, had no long time memory. And they were right. R.Bauvel and A.Gilbert write that about 1000 years after Pyramids building it was unfortunately forgotten who built them and for what purpose. Also, by G.Hawkins the real history of Stonehenge was forgotten.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Heoruni.

To date, The Prehistoric Wonder in Armenia Karahunj is included in the Top Ancient Sites for Stargazing in National Geographic

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