On the migration of people from the Armenian Highlands, 6000 BC

Around 6000 BC a migration of people took place from the Armenian Highlands to what is today Ukraine and the lands bordering the Black Sea.

In time they established the royal house of Scythia before migrating westwards in two branches: the southern branch would sail to Sardinia and establish a megalithic civilization there before recreating it in Ireland.

The other branch moved north through Scandinavia, to settle in Orkney and the western islands of Scotland.

Possessing some of the oldest sacred knowledge on Earth, these astronomer priests created the best-preserved stone circles in the British Isles, along with massive passage mounds identical to those in Ukraine and Siberia.

The aim was to recreate and preserve a sacred tradition bound to the Sun, Moon, and Orion, a tradition that would ultimately lead to the order of the druid.


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