Photographs of the Ancient Gravestones of the Armenian Cemetery of Varzakhan

Photographs of the Ancient Gravestones

Below are photos of stone gravestones in the form of rams from the Armenian cemetery in Varzakhan.

The photos are from the book “Armenia: Travels and Studies” by Henry Finnis Blosse Lynch (1862-1913), British geographer, traveler, Armenologist, son of explorer Thomas Kerr Lynch and his Armenian wife Harriet Taylor, the daughter of Colonel Robert Taylor, a British resident in Baghdad.

In 1893-1898, Lynch made two trips to the Armenian Highlands, a territory now occupied by Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia. Lynch’s photos preserved images of many now extinct historical sites.

Similar gravestones from other parts of Armenia. Photos provided by Gohar Hakobyan.

Erzurum – Karin
Gndevank, Vayots Dzor.
Karvachar, Artsakh.
The only preserved tombstone in the village of Vedi. Photo provided by Va Grik

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