Portasar Built by Hunter-Gatherers?

Portasar Built by Hunter-Gatherers?

Given the fact that Portasar is 8,000 years older than the Stonehenge and that its every column weighs many tons, we should ask ourselves not only what types of tools were used to carve the figures in the stones but, more importantly, also ask what material these tools were made of.

Remember, it was 12,000 years ago. Also, note the holes. Many academic fools will tell us that the builders were hunter-gatherers.

Vahan Setyan

P.S. Editorial note. Unfortunately, a certain caste of academic scientists, in order to preserve their regalia and degrees, can destroy any ancient artifact that is able to cast a shadow on their diplomas. An example of this is Karahunj in Armenia which is aged close to Portasar.

And here is the paradox of what is happening. The Turks are, in fact, investigating the Armenian Portasar, though they are trying to attribute it to a non-existent ancient Turkish heritage. And the Armenians, on their part, are destroying their own ancient heritage. It’s confusing who are Turks and who are Armenians.

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