Scripture Ideas in Ancient Sumerian Culture

The Adda Seal, an ancient Akkadian cylinder seal showing (from left to right) InannaUtu, Enki, and Isimud (circa 2300 BC)

During the Babylonian Captivity around end of the 600 BC, the Judeans were exposed to high civilization including remnants of Sumerian civilization and mythology that was inherited by Semitic Akkadians and Assyrians.

This is where the new ideas of their religion took root, adopting foreign elements and eventually writing scripture, inserting mistranslated ideas and creating a story that reflected the authors’ own cultural views Including inventing names and places.

One such example was the creation of Noah and it’s raven and the dove as they were released during the flood. In this Sumerian depiction that reflected a gesture thousands of years before the Semitic invasion, we see that Enki has a bird on this hand surround with a water current and standing in a mountain.

This idea was copied to create a new character named Noah (in Armenian ‘Naha’ or ‘Naxa’ means “primary” or “a foreperson”, “which is where they first learned about Mount Ararat and all the sacred stories surrounding it (Greenberg, New York Biblical Society). In essence, the Old Testament was a new layer about and of people unrelated to the original stories, hiding the old stories of older cultures.

by Vahan Setyan

Jews stole the Torah from the ancient Sumerians? Евреи украли Тору у древних шумеров?

Subtitles in settings Judging by the video, the theme of the theft of the Torah from the Sumerians is being discussed in Jewish society. True, the Jews explain this theft in a very ornate way and call it borrowing. Tell me, please, what relation do Jews have to civilization and the history of mankind? Except for stealing the Torah from Sumer. Art-A-Tsolum

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