The Antique Armenian Kingdom of Mitanni

The Antique Armenian Kingdom of Mitanni2700 BC Armenic Sumerian records tell us about the Great Flood and the reestablishment of Life, the main motif in the Armenian-Hurrian, Mitanni, and Araratian reliefs, as well as Eden located in the Land of Four Rivers, Armenia.

Archaeological studies continue to uncover evidence for Armenia and the Armenian Highlands being the earliest site of human civilization, the earliest account of it being the Armenic Sumerian records mentioned earlier. Those records refer to Armenians as the sons of Haya, a regional god of the Armenian Highlands.

Another early record mentions Armani together with Ibla (identified with Armenians) as territories seized by Naram-Sin (ca. 2300 BC) identified with an Akkadian colony in the Diyarbakir region.

The ancient Kingdom of Mitanni established in ca. 1500 BC is considered a proto-Armenian state by some scholars. It is regarded as one of the earliest stages of the Armenian state’s existence. We now offer you to watch a brief review of the kingdom and of how it was connected with Armenians.

If you wish to further acquaint yourself with the Kingdom of Mitanni, check out our overview of its history.

Ancient Armenian kingdom of Mitanni

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