The Armenian Wheel of Eternity

The Armenian Wheel of EternityAll kinds of crosses and many other symbols are abundant in the ancient Armenian art of petroglyphs. Those symbols would be adopted by many nations around the world. Thanks to the Armenian petroglyphs, we can trace the genealogy of the swastika and the six-point star, which is now more commonly known as Star of David.

The six-pointed star was used in Armenia as early as in the 15th century BC and even earlier. Another symbol extensively used by the Armenians is the Wheel of Eternity. The Armenian Wheel of Eternity can be seen in accounts, structures, and artifacts belonging to both the pagan and Christian periods of Armenia.

The short documentary below quite in-detail and accessibly introduces the story of the Armenian Wheel of Eternity from antiquity to modern times. did a really good job assembling this video!

The Armenian Wheel Of Eternity

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