The Aryan Goddess Anahit Reached The Four Sides of the World

The Aryan Goddess Anahit

The goddess of the Aryans Anahit wore a golden crown on her head decorated with hundreds of stars. In the center of this crown was an eight-pointed star. On the back of the crown, two ribbons were waving.

The neck of the goddess was decorated with a cross, on her shoulders was a purple mantle, and her bottom dress was made of soft white marten fur girded with a thick gold belt.

In the hand, the goddess held a lily. On her feet were gold shoes decorated with precious stones. Each time, Anahit descended in a golden chariot harnessed to four white horses from the realm of light in the mountains of Zulamerik, which gave water to thousands of rivers, to Byurakn.

She reached the four sides of the world, and from her power, the water level in the sea rose every time.

Zulamerik means “the beginning of beginnings.” And below is a map of Vaspurakan.

Sukias Torosyan

Goddess Aryan Anahit Artist Rubik Kocharian

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