The Church of John the Baptist – Byurakan, Armenia

The Church of John the Baptist – Byurakan, ArmeniaThe church of John the Baptist (Armenian: Սուրբ Հովհաննես Մկրտիչ) is located in the village of Byurakan, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.

It is widely considered that the church was built in 10th century, but there is a lot of data indicating its much greater age, including the décor of the windows of the church and traces of walls surrounding its territory. That means that in addition to religious meaning, the church has been a defensive structure.

The building has two entrances, one of which is now completely sealed off. The cross depicted on the façade of the church belongs to the so-called Maltese style.

The church is surrounded by unique khachkars. According to the testimony of the locals, one of the khachkars was displayed in France. Generally, the khachkars date at the 10th century, but some experts think that they are much older.

by Alexander Bakulin

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