The Great Deluge – The main reason

The Great Deluge - The main reasonThe main reason of the Great Deluge and line of other phenomena on the Earth is the slow change of the Earth Axis Incline angle (e). This angle (equal now 23.44°) changes in limits 23.3° ± 1.2°, Le, from 24.5° to 22.1° (and back) during 41 thousand years.

In Fig. 28 (the change of Earth Axis Incline and Eras evolution in time are shown. The full (absolute) value of the change of angle e is 2.4°. This is not so conspicuous for weather of the tropical zones of the Earth, but more noticeable for polar regions where the Sun rays come under the more sharp angles.

So the glacial covering on the polar zones of Earth increases when the angle e decreases and glaciers decrease (melt) with increasing of e. The beginning of the last Freeze period was 34500 years ago. Little by little temperature became lower and 32500 years ago the Northern parts of Europe, Russia and Canada were under glaciers.

With the advent of glaciers the people and animals moved to the South. The Glacial period was for a long time, 18500 years, until the beginning of glaciers melting period 32500 – 18500=14000 years ago.

Then the period of intensive melt came, during 2000 years, as the result of which the Great Deluge took place 12000 years ago (in 10000 BC) resulting from water covering of huge territories, intensive evaporation, water vapor, clouds, and heavy rains.

All rivers (and new ones) became very swollen, carrying huge mass of water to the seas and oceans. In the result the level of world ocean grew up to 100 meters. All lowlands were flushed by thick water covering, many people (tribes), animals and plants were perished, all settlements and towns in lowlands were destroyed. Later all these were covered by thick coat of slime, particularly in Mesopotamia.

Many old legends of different nations about Great Deluge, particularly from Sumer and India, came to us from ID millennium BC. The first factual demonstration of the Great Deluge existence was found by English archaeologist L. Vulli. Excavating Sumerian towns he continued excavation down to 19m and found out other older towns.

These 19m of slime affirmed that the Great Deluge existed and these old towns were built before the Great Deluge. In Item 3.14 I showed that these old towns were Armenian ones. So we can suppose that Armenians, returning to Sumer after Great Deluge told the “new” Sumers about the Great Deluge and taught them much more knowledge, and these “new” Sumers were mixture between Armenians and local tribes.

The next Great Deluge will take place after 29000 years (in 31000 AD), see Fig. 28 in PART 1. Before that, the beginning of next freeze period in the Earth polar regions will come after 6500 years and then, after intensive freeze the next Glacial period (Ice Age) will come after 8500 years with the duration of 18500 years.

Then will come the period of glaciers melt (during 2000 years) and the next Great Deluge will take place after 41000 -12000 =29000 years. What happened in Great Armenia during the last Great Deluge 12000 years ago? Nothing terrible.

There was not any water covering here, because the average altitude of the Armenian Highland is 1700m and the lowest altitude of the mountain valleys is 600m (the ocean level grew up for lOOm only). In Armenia, of course, were too much clouds, wind, rain and powerful Iightnings.

The rough rivers made big canyons in basalt rocks of mountains. But the population with its culture, all animals and plants were not perished. So all the territory of the Great Armenia was as the symbolic giant Noah’s Ark, where all people, animals and plants were saved.

In Armenia, during the Great Deluge such animals as horse, bull, goat, being afraid of Nature forces (lightning, etc.), came closer to people and their settlements, seeking protection and were domesticated. The aries, a beautiful and bold mountain animal, was not afraid of Iightnings and was free.

So it became Aries, Le, the third (after lion (Ariuts) and Eagle (Artsiv» Symbol of the Sun (AR) God of Armenians and also the first Zodiacal constellation. The helix form of the Aries horns became the
beautiful architectural ornament.

Because the Aries became the Symbol of AR after (or during) the Great Deluge and his sculpture is absent in Kappadokia sculptural group (see Fig. 60,65 – 68) we can suppose that this sculptural group (AR, Kesar, Annahit, Tir, Vahagn, Lion and Eagle) was built before the Great Deluge, before than 12000 years ago.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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