The history of mankind is sealed in the Armenian language – Vahan Setyan

The Nibiru concept of Mesopotamia intrigues many. Within the cuniform tablets – Nibiru – is – Marduk’s – star, where the gods in heaven caused to be “visible.”

– (Mard)uk (Մարդ)- “man” Մարդիք – “men”

– In it’s cuneiform style, – Niburu- is written as { né-bé-ru }. If you read it backwards, it’s Ereb(v)uni – Էրեբ(վ)ունի – Երեվան – Երեվալ “to be visible”.

Something became visible in the sky there or very likely, a story taken from further north in ancient Armenia that happened much earlier, probably in Portasar.

If you look at Portasar pillars, we see the same message. The translation of the Portasar symbols is “ship or boat delivered”, we may also assume something became visible and it delivered something.

If we read the normal way, Neberu is Neveru – Nver (Նվեր) “present”- Naver (Նավեր)- “ships”. B – V interchanges are common, especially when it comes to translations and assumptions in translations.

Thus, I keep saying that something extraordinary happened up there in Armenia and the story is kept and sealed in the Armenian language.

Again, [Nibiru – is – Marduk’s – star, where the gods in heaven caused to be “visible.”]. Very likely this speaks of Saturn. I hope Mr. Graham Hancock is paying attention.
And yes, Sitchin was an imbecile.

By Vahan Setyan 7/11/19

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