The Hittite language is Old Armenian, Peter Albrecht Jensen

Tablet on display at the Oriental Institute, with the caption: Hittite Cuneiform Tablet: Legal Deposition(?) Baked clay Hattusha Late Bronze Age (13th century BC) A6004 A6004 – VBot 30 – CTH 832

Hatti/Hittite/Phrygian/Armenian. According to Peter Albrecht Jensen, president of the Royal Astrological Society of Imperial Germany, the word Hatti is the same as Hye (Armenian).

He was the first archeologist and decipherer of the Hittite language. There’s the same morphological change of “matar” to the Armenian “mayr”.

“From everything we know of the Hittite language it is Armenian, to be more precise, Old Armenian,” said Jensen.

Herodotus, suffering from a pro-Hellenic bias, assumed the Armenians had to be Phrygian colonists.

The Hittite religion, mythology, language, customs, rituals, and dress show an Armenian continuity.

The Hittite royal adornments are almost exactly like that of the Ardashesian and Yervanduni dynasties.

By Jirair Tutunjian

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