The Location of the City of Tegarama (Togarmah)

The Location of the City of Tegarama

The city of Tegarama, which is mentioned in Hittite sources and identified with the biblical Togarmah, is usually localized by researchers on the right bank of the Upper Euphrates, on the site of modern Gürün (west of Malatia).

According to new interpretations, the city of Tegarama was located north of Malatia near the mouth of the Karaminon River, a right-bank tributary of the Euphrates.

“Tag/Tog Arama” means “the genus, house, or country of Aram”. The data contained in cuneiform inscriptions indicates the presence of countries with the name Aram on the approaches to the Armenian Highlands, on its four sides, and in the central part.

Gharagyozyan A. A.

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