The Power of the Mind and Acumen – Forgotten Victories of Armenian Warriors

The Power of the Mind and AcumenOver their long history, Armenians have repeatedly overpowered the superior troops of their foes. The authors of the cycle “This is Armenia” Karen Balayan and Hovhannes Hakobyan told about the forgotten feats of ancient Armenian soldiers.

There has been a multitude of victories over the centuries of Armenian history. In 481, a unit of 300 men under the command of Vahan Mamikonyan (the nephew of Vardan Mamikonyan) clashed with a 7,000 Persian army in the vicinity of the Akor Village.

The battle began early in the morning. Upon learning about the small number of Armenians, Persians thought that Armenians had gone mad and decided to suicide. But as planned, Armenians cunningly eliminated the Persian commander. Without their leader, the Persians retreated in panic.

This particular battle has been more demonstrative for military historians and experts compared to the story of 300 Spartans and Leonidas, but it is now forgotten. Why?

After the fall of the Akor Village, Armenians signed a peace treaty with the Persians, so historians decided to not pay too much attention to that brilliant victory to not provoke the powerful neighbor of Armenia.

In the years of the Arab invasion, Armenian king Ashot Yerkat triumphed over the troops of Beshir. The 5,000 Arab army had situated itself on the western beach of Lake Sevan, right before the island in the lake.

At dawn, Ashot along with his soldiers sailed from the island towards the Arab army. The sun has been right behind the around 250 Armenian troops, blinding the Arabs. The surface of the lake amplified the blinding effect of the sun. At first, Arabs erroneously considered that Armenians wish to surrender. But instead, Armenians attacked the Arabs lightning fast. The army of Beshir disintegrated and wasn’t able to regroup.

After the success of the Ottomans in the Gallipoli Campaign during WWI, the Turkish army was smashed by the Armenians under Sardarapat. The Turks to this day can’t submit that a group of militiamen defeated their regular army.

Unknown Armenia: Armenian Warriors (Arm)

Триста армян: Когда побеждают дерзость и дух!

Армянские воины / Аrmenian warriors….. Армян не победить!

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