The Principality of Khachen After Occupation by Seljuk Turks

The Principality of Khachen

At the end of the 11th century, during the reign of Melik Shah, the son of Alp Arslan, the centralized Seljuk Empire began to decline.

This period was marked by squabbles and armed clashes between Turkish tribal leaders, military commanders, emirs, sultans, and also between the Turks and local feudal lords. This situation persisted until the second half of the 12th century.

In the meantime, Artsakh was ruled by three princely families belonging to the Aranshahik dynasty. By this time, the entire territory of Artsakh and a part of the adjacent Utik region had been called Khachen in international practice.

In the west, up to Lake Sevan, power was in the hands of the princes of Tsar, whose residence was located in the Andaberd fortress.

In the northeast, in Upper Khachen ruled the kindred dynasty of princes Aterk, whose spiritual center was the Dadivank monastery and the main stronghold was the Jraberd fortress. In the south, in Lower Khachen, the princes of the Khokhanaberd fortress reigned, whose main religious center was the Gandzasar monastery.

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