The symbolism found in Armenian Khachkars and ancient Churches is found in ancient structures all over the world

Christ and Christ-like figures depicted as being GIANTS for thousands of years. The one on the left is a Sumerian stone. The others are from ancient Armenian and Spanish Churches, and the one above (middle) is an illustration from an old Armenian manuscript.

You can see the Sumerian “Christ” pointing to the celestial realm with astrological symbols above. The Armenian illustration has a similar image showing the sun and moon which were commonly found in old Christian paintings and illustrations. Some of the oldest book illustrations of Christ that are kept in Etchmiadzin show him crucified with a sun on the left side of his head, and a moon on the right side.

How can Armenian Christianity, which is the oldest form of Christianity, be so drenched in dualism and Gnosticism while its very own religious people have been forced to deny every dualistic aspect and element of their religion for over 800 years?

The symbolism found in our Khachkars and ancient Churches is found in ancient structures all over the world. Built by civilizations that were DUALISTS. Especially the swastika and many versions of a four-sided cross. I believe our ancient Churches were built by our Christian ancestors who believed in a much DIFFERENT form or doctrine of Christianity. Sadly, our people preach and follow Christianity which they adopted from empires that created their titles, names, and versions of this ancient “religion” after conquering Armenia.

They even forced us to believe that it is our King on their coins that were made 1000+ years after King Tigran existed. They then somehow manipulated or brainwashed Armenians into believing our people destroyed our Pagan heritage while we accept the fact that our Pagan King used so-called “Greek” letters instead of Armenian. Somehow, this was not considered to be a destruction of Armenian heritage. The same perpetrators even have us calling Christ “Hisus Kristos”.

Are Armenians aware that many ancient civilizations believed a Christ-like figure is sent to this world every 1000 years? The same spirit being resurrected as a messiah over and over again. Some Armenians might think that the story of Christ was stolen from the Sumerians or Pharaohs.
It wasn’t stolen, it’s just the same messenger of Light being depicted through many different periods of history by descendants of ancient tribes that were once connected.

I can show you Mayan illustrations and depictions of a Christ-like figure displaying hand symbols that our Christ is revealing in our Christian illustrations and Churches. If you want to see some fascinating images that might give you clues into what existed or took place in the ancient world, please check out the gallery on our page ——> Ancient Giants from Ararat to Amazon

Ancient Armenoids

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