The Treachery That Destroyed Arshakuni Armenia

The Treachery That Destroyed

In the history of Armenia, there have been many betrayals. Let us give just one example from the history of the 5th century, which is when the Arshakuni dynasty fell.

The last king of the Arshakuni dynasty was Artashes IV, the son of Vramshapuh. During the six-year rule of Artashes Arshakuni (422-428), the struggle between the king and the Nakharar (hereditary title) clans intensified again. Catholicos Sahak Partev sided with Artashes as a supporter of the preservation of a single state.

He sought to reconcile the king and the Nakharars, but in vain. The Nakharars, as Armenian chronicler Ghazar Parpetsi (Ղազար Փարպեցի) writes, made the following decision: “The Armenian King is no longer necessary. From time to time, some Persian prince will appear who will serve as a caretaker.”

For Persia, this offer was very beneficial. Artashes lost the throne. Sahak Partev lost his position of the Catholicos. Thus, in 428, the Arshakuni dynasty fell, and Armenia turned into a Persian province. Persia appointed Veh Mihr Shapur as the marzban of Persian Armenia.

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