The truth is cloaked as being a myth

This very ancient Aryan (People of the light/creator) symbol has multiple forms of the same four-sided symbol. The flag of Artsakh has a portion of the same symbol on it. It is found in many parts of the old world, however, I can confidently say (from the research that I have done) that it is most commonly found in Armenia (on Armenian Taraz, Churches, and manuscript illustrations), and in North and South America. Particularly used by the Native Indians, Incas (Peru), and the Mayans. How, or better yet, WHY, I have asked Armenians many times.

Multiple times, I have mentioned the Paulicians and the first Armenian-Christian sects in my posts. The Christians were labeled “heretics” during the great schisms and were eventually expelled from Armenia by the great empire because of their immense knowledge of dualism. The dualistic nature of God, the sun and moon, the elements, and the human body (material/matter) VERSUS spirit (celestial) working together but being two separate entities or forms.

Double-headed falcons or eagles, double-headed humans, the pattern of the black and white chessboard, and many other symbols used by ancient Armenians representing the same thing spread out to many ancient parts of this world.

Unfortunately, so many Armenians today are insulted or angered by hidden or secret knowledge and factual information written about Armenia by NON-ARMENIAN explorers and historians since the 16th century, which was considered to be TOTALLY TRUE centuries ago.

The truth has only been cloaked as being a myth or untrue for the last few centuries because the empire has peer-reviewed or altered the history of our religion and people since the Renaissance period. Armenians must understand that there have been TWO different Christian-Armenian empires.

One loyal to Rome and Byzantine and the other being the oldest Christian and ARMENIAN-controlled gnostic branches (Paulicians, Nestorians, Cathars, Templars, and Jacobites). The last Armenian gnostics traveled from Spain to America and named the continent NUEVA ARMENIA (New Armenia) in the 15th century.

Parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela, etc have cities named Armenia today for that very reason. Their flags also contain Red, Blue, and Orange/Yellow colors. Many of the Mayan foothills and their villages were named ‘Armenia’.

Gullible, spiritually compromised, and ignorant Armenians began spreading the lie that those South-American countries named their cities ‘Armenia’ to commemorate the Armenian genocide. A lie that would certainly touch the hearts of this highly emotional and confusing Armenian race.

Dozens of Native American civilizations and tribes were massacred during invasions which were never honored with cities being named after them, so why Armenians? Why city names as well as flag colors?

The Armenians who were and are indoctrinated by our enemies even started spreading the lie that it was not ‘Armenia’ mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the place where the first Britons came from, but it was supposedly ARMORICA instead.

The only problem with that lie is there are multiple versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle which say the word ARMENIA, did the writers make the same mistake over and over again? It’s too bad chronicles from Scotland even reveal that Armenians were the first people in Scotland as well, and named cities and rivers after their own like ‘Armine’ (Charles Vallancey, 18th century).

Our enemies even convinced our people that this very symbol on the Artsakh flag represents the separation between Artsakh and Armenia. How convenient. Another fanciful lie. I believe the spirit of these Armenians who continue falsifying Armenian history has not been enlightened yet.

They are not our enemies but have been indoctrinated and raised in our enemies’ institutions, Churches, and circles. The truth most certainly will set us free and unite us. I have posted many pieces of the puzzle on my pages during the last few years, but there is still much more on the Armenia and America connection.

Ancient Armenoids

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