The Yerits Mankants Monastery – Artsakh

The Yerits Mankants Monastery - ArtsakhThe Yerits Mankants Monastery is located in the Martakert Province of the Republic of Artsakh. It was built by the princely family of Melik-Israelyans in the historical Jraberd county in ca. 1691. Presumably, its purpose was to rival the Hasan-Jalalyan family, the patrons of the Holy See of Gandzasar.

The monastery was named in honor of the three boys from the Old Testament (the first three chapters of the Book of Daniel) who were condemned to burning by the order of the King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar for their refusal to worship his idol but were saved by Michael.

The Yerits Mankants Monastery is one of the most remarkable late medieval churches in Artsakh. It is preserved quite well, and apart from the main buildings houses 11-12th-century Armenian khachkars.

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