Tiled Tomb Found In Martakert

Archaeologists in Artsakh discovered a tomb of the early Christian period. The head of the scientific group tasked with studying the territory of ancient Tigranakert Hamlet Petrosyan announced this on his Facebook page.

During excavations carried out in the city of Martakert, a crypt was discovered on a construction site.

According to Petrosyan, the flat terrain of Artsakh adjacent to Tigranakert is rich in archaeological values, including numerous antique settlements.

After processing, the unearthed remains will be transferred to the Historical and Geological Museum of Martakert. The tombstones will also be transferred there to replenish the museum’s collection.

Excavations in Tigranakert began in 2006. Throughout the years, scientists were able to excavate a fortress citadel, walls, the ruins of the central part of the city, and a church. The most important artifact is an inscription in Armenian found in 2008.

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