Tir – God of Written Language of Ancient Armenia

Tir – God of Written Language

In the Armenian pantheon, Tir was a god of writing, sciences, arts, a scribe of the chief deity Aramazd, and a diviner of fate.

Tir brought dreams to people, revealing their future to them. In the temple of Tir (between the cities of Vagharshapat and Artashat), the priests interpreted these dreams. Besides, they taught sciences and arts in the temple.

Apparently, Tir was also considered a guide of souls to the underworld. In the Hellenistic era, Tir was identified with Apollo.

King Artashes I (2nd century BC), having founded the city of Artashat, the future capital of Greater Armenia, moved the statue of Tir from the cult center in Bagaran to the newly-established city.

Most likely, the name of the fourth month of the ancient Armenian calendar, tre, is connected with the name Tir.

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