Togarmah: Biblical Roots and Associations with the Armenians

Togarmah is a name with biblical origins that has intrigued scholars, theologians, and historians for centuries. This name appears in the Old Testament and serves dual purposes. First, it is the name of one of the sons of Gomer, and thus, the great-grandson of Noah. Secondly, Togarmah refers to the descendants of this figure, as well as to the region they inhabited. In this article, we explore the biblical mentions of Togarmah, its potential connections to the Armenian people, and its significance in Ezekiel’s prophecies.

Togarmah in the Bible

As a Descendant of Noah

According to the genealogies recorded in the Bible, specifically in the book of Genesis (10:1-3) and 1 Chronicles (1:4-6), Togarmah is one of the sons of Gomer, who himself is a son of Japheth. Therefore, Togarmah is a great-grandson of Noah, the survivor of the biblical flood.

Role in Trade and Alliances

The book of Ezekiel provides further details on Togarmah. In Ezekiel 27, Togarmah is cited as a trade partner of the Tyre, specifically supplying “horses, mares, and mules” (Ezekiel 27:2, 14). This gives an insight into the economic activities of the people of Togarmah during ancient times. Furthermore, in Ezekiel 38:6, Togarmah is mentioned as an ally of Gog Magog, positioned in “the farthest parts of the north.”

Connection to the Armenians

Armenian Traditions

One of the most fascinating aspects of the story of Togarmah is its potential connection to the Armenians. According to Armenian tradition, the Armenians claim to be descended from “Haik, son of Thurgum,” a name remarkably similar to Togarmah. This tradition forms a part of the broader narrative of the Armenians regarding their ancient origins.

Ancient Greek Accounts

Ancient Greek historians also lend credence to the association between Togarmah and the Armenians. Notably, these sources confirm that the Armenians were famous for their horses and mules, which aligns with the description of Togarmah’s trade activities in Ezekiel.

The name Togarmah serves as a valuable lens through which one can explore a myriad of subjects: biblical genealogy, ancient trade, geopolitical alliances, and ethnic identity. Its potential link to the Armenians adds another layer of complexity and richness to its story, bridging the gap between ancient texts and contemporary ethnic narratives. While the identification of Togarmah with the Armenians is not universally accepted, it adds a compelling facet to our understanding of this ancient name and its lasting significance.

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