Tosp, Citadel of the Kingdom of Van – Ancient Armenia

Tosp, Citadel of the Kingdom of Van

Along the shores of the salt lake Van, the Van Rock is rising. Here, a fort has been erected to become the center of the ancient city of Tosp (Tushpa), the capital of the Van Kingdom. During its heyday, this belligerent state controlled all of Asia Minor.

The citizens of the Van Kingdom were not only excellent warriors but also skilled builders. You can verify this with your own eyes by visiting places where the majestic Tosp used to stand. Although today, you can see only the remains of the formidable citadel and the residence of the rulers of the Van Kingdom, you will find out a lot about the glorious past.

There were towers on the fortress walls and luxurious buildings inside the fortress. Spacious repositories were cut out in the rock, and a columbarium and tombs of royals can also be found here. The buildings on the Van rock interconnected with stairs that have survived to this day.

The ancient 70km water system which supplied the city with freshwater is also impressive. The most amazing thing is that this masterpiece of hydraulic engineering is still successfully functioning.

Many monuments found on the site of the citadel are kept in the Van Museum. Having visited the ancient fortress on the Van rock, you can learn new things about the history of the Ancient World and touch the shadows of bygone civilizations.

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