Traces Of An Ancient City Discovered Near Van, Historical Armenia

In the northern coastal area of Lake Van, archaeologists discovered an ancient stone city that appears to be 2600 years old. writes that about 70000 people could have lived in the 270-hectare territory of the city.

After lengthy excavations, building walls and streets have been identified in the city. The scheme of the mysterious ancient city is better visible in the photos below.

Archaeologists note that the city’s avenues and streets are quite wide and spacious. They also mentioned the large number of discovered burial areas measuring 35 x 35 meters. The archaeologists expect to carry out more detailed research in the future.

Interestingly, in 2018, 2800-year-old wheat seeds were discovered in the ancient city of Van. The seeds were found 25 km from the city of Van next to the walls of the fortress of Sarduri II, a ruler of the Kingdom of Van.

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