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Trojan War and Armenians“The troops advanced, and the ground as if flamed up;
Dol groaned as if under the rage of the god, the thrower of lightning
Zeus when he casts thunderbolts over the head of Typhon onto the lands,
The Arimon mounts where the lair of Typhon is told to be;
So deeply groaned the land under the feet of the people…”

 “Arimoi” are the people beneath whose country lies the constrained Typhon. The ancients mostly thought that this place is located in the mountains of Cilicia. The first human to see the ancestors of the Armenians in the Arimoi land was one I. Marquard.

The name of those people was probably connected with the name Armen. Furthermore, Homer’s “Arimoi” possibly references the initial variant of “Armen.” “ArMan”/”ArMen” could literally mean “Aryan man/Aryan people.” The word “man” derived from the Proto-Armenian (Assyrian) “Man-uk”, “Man-ch”, which is the oldest case of the use of “man.” Alternatively, this word could be derived from the Indo-European root “man.”

Interestingly, there has been an ancient Armenian name “Manvaz”, which is most likely the predecessor of the Proto-Germanic word “manwaz.” It should be noted that Movses Khorenatsi mentions one Manvaz, the descendant of Hayk, the progenitor of Armenians. One could conclude that the word “Ariman” was the initial form of “Arme(a)n.”

In his “About the events that happened after the death of Semiramis”, 5th-century Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi mentions that the Armenian king Zarmayr Haykazuni participated in the Trojan War: “… Zarmayr. He was sent for help to Priam along with the Aethiopian troops and fell from the hands of the Hellenic braves.”

In one of this other works, Khorenatsi writes: “Serving the Assyrians, our Zarmayr with a small army set off along with the Aethiopian troops to help Priam. Wounded by the Hellenic braves, he died there: I would like if it had been Achilles rather than any other brave.”

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