Unique Decree Signed by the Armenian King of Cilicia

Unique Decree Signed by the Armenian

We present to your attention an archival document compiled seven centuries ago in 1331. This document is a decree on the creation of a free trade zone with Europe signed by the Armenian King of Cilicia Levon IV.

According to this decree, in order to organize trade, Levon IV granted special economic privileges to merchants from Sicily with the right of free access to the ports and cities of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

The bottom of the document shows Levon IV’s signature in red ink: “Լեւոն Թագաւոր Ամենայն Հայոց” (King of all Armenians Levon).

The original document is stored in the Archives of Seville in Spain by El Archivo Ducal de Medinaceli.

Ruben ShukhyanՀայ-եվրոպական մշակութային կենտրոն/Armenian-European Cultural Center

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