Why are Armenians the only people on the planet that still use the Enochian/Atlantean/Anakim or the pre-flood civilizations language and letters today?

One of the greatest lies that the “Empire” had applied to Armenian literature over the centuries is that Mesrob Mashtots created or “rediscovered” Armenian letters a few centuries after Christ. The Crusades were more than just a battle between Christianity and Islam. That was a time when world history had changed for ever.

Why did Heinrich Schliemann write that “The tragedy for Europe was to choose as the basis of its civilization the ancient Greek culture, and not the ancient culture of Armenia”.

Why would this be considered a “tragedy” for Europe. It is because each ancient European dynasty had its ancestor and headquarters in the ancient Armenian Kingdom of Ani, and Armenia had the largest and most powerful Kingdom in the world before the 13th Century. For the new world it was called the dark ages, because during those ages Armenia was the only place of light.

Our Kingdom was eventually conquered by the forces and collaboration between Mongol-Turks, Persians and the divergents that later became known as the Protestants. Do not forget that when Spain and Christian Europe threatened the empire of the Queen of England and expelled the Jews from Europe in 1492, it was the Ottoman Empire that saved the Queen and took in boat loads of Jews. The Christian VS Muslim tradition was irrelevant during the late middle ages, considering Jerusalemite Arabs and Muslims were allies with Christian Aryan Armenians against Persian and Ottoman Muslims, who in return were allied with Nestorian Christians in the East. Muslims fought Muslims. Orthodox Christians fought Orthodox Christians. Orthodox Christians became Catholics, and Catholics became Protestants. Some were allies, while some were enemies.

Our people had become legend and “helping hands” that built foreign empires on our land after ours was taken. Do you really think after centuries of Ottoman, Persian or Russian rule, they were just going to teach the people the truth about Armenian history that their ancestors had fought so hard to conquer. Do you really think the anti-Christian Soviet empire that handed our most ancient territories to the Turks, that never recognized the Armenian genocide and confiscated the books of Armenian Nationalists and journalists, would allow Khorenatsi’s “History of Armenia” to be distributed if it was the truth. They use it because it is NOT the entire truth, but uses half-truths and lies to keep Armenians confused, submissive, inferior and LOST.

Why do old Bibles, ancient cartographer and explorer maps, and old European archaeologists and historians reveal an ENTIRELY different and more TRUTHFUL version of Armenian history. A version that even our own people would not accept. A version that is not found in Khorenatsi’s book written in the 1600’s. A version that has helped us put this entire Facebook page together.

Why doesn’t the Armenian history we have been taught explain why Armenian letters are found in the tomb of the Buddha. Why were we not taught why ancient Ptolemy maps have Armenian names and cities in South America in 140AD, which was pointed out by Ignatius Donnelly in 1882. Why were we not taught why Lord Byron wrote that Armenian is the language to speak with God. The same reason why we were not taught that the oldest race of men were giants with elongated skulls, huge eyes, huge jaws and hooked noses. Their origin was from near the Black Sea region in Northern Armenia. The original place called Amazon, and the “Land of Gold”.

In an old Cambridge Bible from 1864 it says the oldest race of men came from Armenia. These much larger ancient men were known as the Atlanteans, Enochians, or the Anakim from Eden in the Bible (Anunaki). They first communicated with heiroglyphs and the Sumerian cuneiform. After the great flood which all ancient civilizations speak of in their “mythology”, the first alphabetic writing system was created in Armenia using these letters. The earliest Armenian Christians, the Aryans and the Cathars believed that Jesus Christ taught in this language. In Medieval England they called it the “Language of the Angels”, and the first Christians/Armenoids/Lost Tribes (Israelites) had spread it across the entire ancient world. Why do the Indians, Persians, Europeans, Semites and African-Christians have ancestors from ancient tribes that no longer exist, that used these letters once upon a time. Letters that only the Armenians have kept until today even after centuries of invasions.

Pay close attention to what the old Bibles have written BEFORE they were translated into the new English and American versions. If anybody has a decent and great understanding of world archaeology and ancient history, and they happen to read the entire Bible, they will be astonished when they find that it is the only ancient written documentation of the world’s entire history that has lasted through out the ages. Coded and translated with different names and titles, but the foundation is the same ancient Sumerian story told all around the world by the Lost Tribes. A history with divine messianic Prophets that created their own dynastic races, and those races became the main world religions today. They were known as tribes and races before the world labelled them as being “religions”. Don’t just ignore all the symbols, connections and the archaeological evidence that we have presented on our page in the past.

Do not accept them as coincidence or a figment of your imagination, when they are actually the pieces and residue of the epiphany that every human being should have, discover, and understand before their pure and final awakening

Sources:  Ancient Armenoids, lousavor-avedis.org

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