Zarmair Haykazuni during the Trojan War

Zarmair Haykazuni 1180 BC Our Zarmayr, who was a citizen of the Assyrians, helped Priam, the ruler of Troy, with a small Ethiopian army and died from wounds received from the brave Hellenes. I wish it was really Achilles, and not another brave warrior.

In Greek mythology, Memnon (Zarmair Haykazuni) was killed by Achilles. Notes by Art-A-Tsolum

Memnon – During the Trojan War

In Greek mythology, Memnon led a large number of Ethiopian troops to defend Troy. He killed Antilochus, but was killed by Achilles.

In Armenian sources Zarmayr is a specific person, and in Greek mythology Memnon is a myth.

A very interesting depiction of an ancient Greek jug from the Baltimore Museum (575–550 BC).

The image on the shield of Memnon is the Sign of Eternity known as the swastika – in armenian – Arevkhach ԱՐԵՎԽԱՉ.

This image is often found in the petroglyphs of Armenia, ancient ceramics of Armenia, and other Armenian sources, etc.

Sukias Torosyan Offline Translation Art-A-Tsolum More in Armenian: Կարինե Ավետիսյան

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