3400 Years Old Cuneiform Stone Found In Cilicia

In the ancient city of Alala in Hatay province, Western Armenia, a stone with a cuneiform inscription addressed to an unknown king was found. The cuneiform is about 3400 years old.

The ancient city of Alala was the capital of the Mukish kingdom in the Amik Valley. Over the course of archaeological excavations (about 20 years), the structure of the cultural, social, and political life of the society of the Bronze Age has been studied here.

Cuneiform writing is very valuable because of its rarity in this region. Finding Bronze Age cuneiform texts is not easy.

Founded as a regional city-state in the Middle Bronze Age, Alala later came under the rule of the Hittites, the dominant Mitanni state in Mesopotamia.

Source: westernarmeniatv.com

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