4,000 Years Old Wagons Found in Lchashen, Armenia

4,000 Years Old Wagons Found in Lchashen, ArmeniaIn the scope of tens and tens of archaeological excavations, researchers have discovered a vast variety of ancient artifacts.

Possibly the most astounding artifacts were unearthed in the Lchashen village in the vicinity of Lake Sevan.

They include over a dozen of well-preserved four- and two-wheel wagons, as well as wagons with folding wheels. Two of these wagons are now displayed in the National Museum of Armenia.

The solid wheels of the wagons are made from three oak boards each. The inner surface of the wheels is covered by fabric.

In “Timeline of the Development of the Horse”, Beverley Davis writes: “Primitive wagons dating from this time (2000 BC) have been found in excellent condition in Armenia. These are the oldest known wagons in the world.”

The wagons were also included into Stuart Piggott’s “The earliest wheeled transport: from the Atlantic Coast to the Caspian Sea”.

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Old Wagons Found in Lchashen
Old Wagons Found in Lchashen

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