A 5,000 Years Old Canal Discovered In Tigranakert

During excavations conducted in Tigranakert (near Diyarbakir in Turkey), a few interesting monuments were discovered. The Anadolu news agency reports that one of them was a five thousand years old canal.

Professor at the Dicle University Irfan Yıldız, a participant of the archaeological expedition, said that stone and glass mosaic ornaments were found during the excavations. The professor added that during the excavations at the southwestern entrance to İçkale, a canal and a tunnel aged 5,000 years were discovered.

It is noted that in İçkale, the Suleyman mosque and its environs have been supplied with water via the discovered channel.

“The length of the visible part of the tunnel is almost 30 meters, but we don’t know the full length of the canal,” the professor said.


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