An Ancient Throne of Mud Brick Found in Malatia

An Ancient Throne

According to Discovery, Italian archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a pedestal made of mud brick in the area of Malatia (east of Historical Armenia, now in Turkey). According to researchers from the Sapienza University of Rome, it has traces of charred wooden fragments that may be part of a throne.

Three steps lead up to the platform. The pedestal is in a small room, one side of which was seemingly open and went out into a large courtyard.

Archaeologists believe that the ruler sitting on the throne could receive guests from the courtyard. In front of the platform on which the throne was probably located, two other small platforms were found, lying below the level of the main one. Most likely, they were intended for people who appeared before the king.

Earlier, during archaeological excavations in this area, scientists discovered a huge complex dated to the 4th millennium BC (3350-3100 BC). Remains of a well-preserved palace with walls about two meters high were unearthed.

In the territory of the complex, there were two temples, vaults, various buildings, and a large corridor at the entrance. Some walls were decorated with drawings and geometric shapes colored red and black.

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