Ancient Artifacts In Mush – Historical Armenia

In the village of Murat, (Byurakn, Historical Armenia) the construction of the Kalahan-2 reservoir is underway. This area is under the threat of flooding.

During recent archaeological excavations, numerous ancient artifacts and ceramic objects aged about 3,600 years (the era of the Van Kingdom) were discovered.

Archaeologists recalled that during a 7-month excavation last year, a military settlement and a tomb from the times of the Kingdom of Van were discovered along with bracelets with snakes and bronze belts that depict military scenes.

It is believed that Norik Tumb is located on this site. The number of found artifacts is enough to fill up an entire museum.

The open settlement contains four layers of different cultures. The upper layer is Byzantine, the second layer is called “the Late Iron Age”, the third layer is called “the middle era of the Kingdom of Van”, while the fourth layer indicates traces of the early Iron Age.

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