Ancient relics, stones, and statues from all over western Armenia

Ancient relics, stones, and statues from all over western Armenia. In particular Lesser-Armenia (Armenia-Minor region). Known to so-called “scholars”, archaeologists, and experts in “academia” as Hatti, Hattusa, or Hurri.

I like to call the people from these regions the Araratians or Sumerians. Armenians continue spreading lies about their religion, history, and pagan heritage until this very day. Even with all the evidence that has circulated over the years, I will never understand how Armenians could remain so programmed to be allergic to the truth.

They will post Byzantine coins from the middle-ages and claim they are Tigrans. They will post Sumerian inscriptions that have been falsely deciphered or translated by British commanders or officers.

By wealthy European merchants, scribes, and Evangelists. By Ottomans and Safavids. The agenteurs were given the task of re-write history during the Renaissance period while concealing truth and light.

Armenians will talk about the myth Urartu which is the Armenian-Sumerian civilization, and they will even post pictures of Latin and Byzantine coins with Armenia inscribed on them without understanding what the CAPTA next to it on coin represents. ‘ARMENIA CAPTA’ translates to ‘ARMENIA CAPTURED’ in Latin.

The coins celebrate the fall and destruction of the last Armenian Kingdom during the 14th century when Byzantine conquered ANI and most of Armenia’s Kingdoms and people were absorbed into the enemy’s empire.

They have falsified Armenia’s history ever since creating brand new races from ancient Armenian Kingdoms and tribes mentioned in the Bible, and completely disconnecting or separating them from Armenia or their Armenian heritage.

There have only been three main types of writing systems in the history of Armenia. 1. Sumerian cuneiform. 2. Aramaic or what I would like to call Armenian-Israelite. 3. Classic Armenian which is still used today.

Aram, Aramea, or Armenia which was always known as another name for Armenia (Modern day Lebanon, Northern Syria, Northern Iraq, and Cilicia) were vast territories inhabited by ancient peoples who used an alphabet extremely similar to Armenian (Aramaic).

Roughly 40% of the letters are shared by both Armenians and the people of Aram (Modern day Armenians, white Lebanese, white Syrians, Assyrians, and Chaldean people).

Why is it that so-called Hittite inscriptions are the same as the inscriptions they call Phoenician, Aramaic, and “Old Hebrew”? I have seen this same Aramaic or Armenian-Israelite alphabet or letters being used on Hittite stones, pre-Christian temples in Lebanon and Syria, Egyptian sarcophagi, so-called “Jewish” synagogues in Jerusalem, and Phoenician tablets held in museums.

The ancient Aryan-Armenian dynasties which married into Pharaonic-Egypt birthed the Hebrew and so-called “Semitic” dynasties and Kingdoms, and their history, heritage, and cultures have been hijacked by a specific group of very influential, wealthy, and mixed races of people, who all share the same centuries-old ideologies while masquerading as the chosen people.


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