Archaeological Finds From Historical Armenia

50 million years old nummulite

The find pictured below is estimated to be 50 million years old. Found in the Sgert district of Historical Armenia, this sample belongs to the marine unicellular organism nummulite. Now, the nummulite sample is kept at the Zoological Museum in Tigranakert.

Since the territory of Sgert used to be covered with water, specialists are intending to explore these places more deeply. There are many other similar stone formations that are interesting and inspiring for scientists.

Stone cemeteries in Kharberd

Cave graves of the Roman era were discovered in the Agin district of Kharberd Province.

According to some sources, hundreds of cemeteries have been built here in the Roman era. The graves in these cemeteries are very similar to the graves dating to the times of the Kingdom of Van. More precisely, they have entrances sized at 90 x 60 cm (height x width). In some graves, antique coins have been found as well.

The historic Tigranakert sauna

The “Deve” historical sauna located in the Sura district of Tigranakert in Historical Armenia is on the verge of collapse due to the negligence of local authorities and treasure hunters.

Built in the 16th century, this sauna has a rectangular shape, a basalt & gravel construction, and an interesting octagonal dome.

8-ton stone artifact in Samosat

A huge stone artifact with Roman-era inscriptions and carvings was recently found in the Samosat district in Adıyaman Province, Turkey. According to experts, the engraved figure with a man and woman on this stone symbolizes the separation of spouses due to death.

The giant stone was delivered to the Samosat Museum via a crane.

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