Archaeological Finds In Historical Armenia

A 250-year-old grain silo from Kharberd

This grain silo found by a farmer in Kharberd of Western Armenia was taken under state protection. This silo was discovered by the farmer during sowing.

Specialists studied the silo and came to the conclusion that it is aged about 250 years and had been used as grain storage space on a farm.

The grain silo was transferred to a local museum.

4000 years old cave in Sebastia resembles a residential building

A 4000-year-old cave in the district of Gurun in Sebastia, Historical Armenia, in its form resembles a primitive residential building. It consists of 5 floors and dozens of rooms. It is believed that the cave was dug and engraved by human hands and was used as a dwelling.

Formerly exposed to the environment and decaying over time, the cave is now under protection and is waiting for tourists.

Although no scientific research has been conducted here, it is believed that the cave is more than 4000 years old and was created in the Hittite period.

Drinking spring from the era of the Kingdom of Van is being reconstructed in Van

The Shorbulakh spring from the times of the Van Kingdom located near Manazkert, Mush Province, Western Armenia, is now being reconstructed.

The spring was restored last year by the municipality of Manazkert, but this year, the flow of water decreased. Currently, work is underway to restore the flow of water and repair the historic spring.

This spring is considered one of the 4 oldest springs in Manazkert. With reconstruction, it will get a more luxurious look.

Archaeological finds from Afrin illegally exported to Turkey

The Main Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of Syria has appealed to international organizations, lawyers, and scientists with a call to intervene with the destructive activity of Turkish troops in the territory of the captured archaeological sites of Afrin.

According to a Kurdish source, in the Sherawa region of Afrin, Turkish troops deployed special equipment to begin excavations in the local village of Birj Yevdalo. This village is home to numerous historical monuments dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. Anything found here is being sent to Turkey.

Similar cases have already happened in Afrin earlier when artifacts from different areas of Afrin were illegally transported to Turkey.

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