Armenia – Camp of the Paleolithic Man

Armenia - Camp of the Paleolithic Man

The enigmatic rock formations of Armenia are a treasure trove of hidden wonders. While speleologists have explored individual cave structures, there is no doubt that extensive research still lies ahead.

In modern Armenia alone, there are an estimated 10-15 thousand rock formations—ranging from canopies and niches to grottoes and caves. During the dawn of human evolution, people found refuge in these very natural shelters, usually situated near water sources.

One such remarkable cluster of caves is located in the vicinity of the village of Tekh. The term “Paleolithic human camp” is often synonymous with these awe-inspiring landscapes. Back in those ancient times, the volcanoes of the Armenian Highlands were continuously erupting, their molten lava blocking everything in its path—riverbeds, hunting trails, and seemingly even the prospects of future human habitation.

Driven into the depths of these rocky hideaways, early humans might have felt cornered by the relentless flow of lava. Yet, these rock niches not only provided shelter but also served as havens that helped humans overcome their fears of the fiery elements surrounding them.

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