Dice found in the ancient fortress of the Kingdom of Van

During excavations carried out in an ancient castle from the period of the Kingdom of Van in the region of Agori Bayazet, dice dating back to 2600 years were found.

The dice are reported to be was made of terracotta material.

Based on the history of the castle, artifacts and ceramics found there earlier, prof. Dr. Sevin emphasized that this artifact is the first sample dice found in the region.

“They are similar in size to the dice that are used at roulette tables today. Plus, the arrangement of the numbers is the same as today. Dice is very important to us as it is the first example in the history of table games, and it is a striking indicator of deep the ingrained history of board games in this region, ” said the professor

P.S In the original publication, the Armenian Highlands are traditionally indicated as Eastern Anatolia, despite the fact that the very word Anatolia means – East. That is, the term invented by the Turks – Eastern Anatolia, which is now widely used in the world literally means the Eastern East. Note Art-A-Tsolum

Source: www.takvim.com.tr Taken from: Sukias Torosyan Translation by Art-A-Tsolum

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