“Digging into the Future: Armenia” – A Documentary by Joseph Rosendo

“Digging into the Future: Armenia”Joseph Rosendo presents Armenia in his documentaryDigging into the Future: Armenia”, telling about the lifestyle of Armenians since the ancient times. Rosendo has been welcomed at roadside booths and busy markets, where he witnessed some of the traditional Armenian crafts in action. He also participated in inspiring and enlightening religious and public events.

Joseph Rosendo is the host, director, writer, and executive producer of the “Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope” television series. “Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope” was awarded 42 Telly awards and six Emmys.

Armenia is one of the most ancient states existing today. It was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 AD. Armenia and its people are known for their rich culture and traditions closely connected to their historical religions. Ararat Mount, one of the symbols of Armenia, although now located in Turkey, is believed to be the mountain where Noah’s Ark came to rest.

Throughout the several millennia of its existence, Armenia has withstood inner conflicts, wars, and a tragic genocide. But thanks to the strong national identity of Armenians, their unique language, religion, and cultural heritage, they managed to survive and develop despite their sufferings.

We now offer you to watch “Digging into the Future: Armenia” to briefly acquaint yourself with Armenia.

Digging Into the Future: Armenia — pilot screener

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