Excavations In The Ayanis Fortress Of Van Continue

Excavations of the Ayanis fortress were launched 31 years ago. The Ayanis fortress, one of the most magnificent buildings of the Kingdom of Van (Urartu), was erected by the ruler of the Kingdom of Van Rusa II.

These days, excavations of the fortress continue under Professor, Dr. Mehmet Eşekli.

Expressing his admiration for the diversity of beliefs of the people who lived here 3000 years ago and for the social structure created on the basis of social and cultural values, Eşekli said:

“I cannot help my admiration, looking at this colossal creation and at these essential values that have emerged thanks to the work of people who lived here in ancient times. We must make this place accessible to all peoples of the world. In this regard, I would like to appeal to people around the globe, inviting them to see this luxury.”

Ayanis is a very important tourist destination, offering archaeological values and natural riches.

Emphasizing that the structure they are currently in is one of the most unique creations in the world, Eşekli continued:

“As archaeologists, we know from records that there are 10-11 temples of the Kingdom of Van. 9 of them, which have been partially preserved to this day, have been excavated, but most of them have survived only with foundations. The temple in Ayanis is a special example of the architecture of the Kingdom of Van.”

Source: westernarmeniatv.com

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