Four thousand Years Old Stele Discovered in Western Armenia

4.000 Years Old Stele Discovered in Western ArmeniaProbably not many understand why the Armenians have a certain ambiguous feeling every time they hear a report on a new archaeological discovery on the territory of Western Armenia, which is within modern Turkey today.

And now, examining the 4-thousand-year old, two-meter-long stone stele with carvings on it, I feel as if right now, something very valuable, dear, and very, very important to Armenians was taken from right under their nose. It is disturbing to think that those Turkish foreigners have touched the stele.

According to, which, in its turn, refers to the Turkish site, the stele was found in the historical Armenian province of Kharberd, which is now known as Elazığ. It is 2.72 meters high and 2.25 meters wide.

Local archaeologists insist that such steles are only found in Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.

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