Rock carvings found in Erzurum are classified by the Turkish authorities

Archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Turkey, they discovered rock paintings that are typical for other regions of the world, but not for Turkey. The find is so unique that the authorities decided to classify the place where they were found for their safety.

The drawings depict deers, the age of the drawings is approximately 8000 years. Almost all information about them was classified, but still there is something. Scientists only partially told about where they found them, it was in the eastern province of Tortum, Erzurum region (Historical Armenia – now the region is occupied by Turkey).

For these places, this is the first such find. Just think that 8000 years ago, ancient artists painted deer with ocher in the caves of Tortum. I think everyone knows what ocher is and what it is made of. In ancient times, it was very popular, as it was used to paint on stone walls and not only.

Among all the drawings, several images stand out: this is an image of 2 male deer and 2 deer with cubs. Scientists divided all their distinctive qualities into 3 groups: 1) these are the first and only drawings that were found in the northeast of Anatolia (Armenian Highland), and besides, they were made with ocher; 2) the painting technique and figures are significantly different from the rest of the drawings that were found in this region; 3) deer are the indigenous inhabitants of Central Asia, and scientists reported that they have met various images of deer from Central Asia to Anatolia (Armenian Highlands).

For scientists, this discovery is unique not only because it is practically one of a kind, but also because their discovery can change the view on the history of Erzurum (the real name of the ancient Armenian city is Karin).

Until this point, scientists believed that people settled in these places about 7000 years ago, but since the age of the drawings is 8000 years, it turns out that people settled here at least a thousand years earlier or scientists made a mistake in the dating of the images (which is unlikely) …

Whatever it was, scientists continue to study carvings and we hope that in the near future they will be able to please us with new discoveries. It’s very interesting if they found anything else in the cave, such as human remains or other objects.

Source: Translation and Editing Art-A-Tsolum

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