Ruins Of A Church And Bath Discovered In Marash, Cilicia

While the goats were grazing on the pasture, a shepherd named Nihat discovered a mosaic floor in a place called Tet Jeiz in the Yeshilov district of the Marash region. Around the mosaic, crosses on the walls and several patterns are visible.

“Our elders would tell that Christians have lived in these places. This building has probably been used as a bathhouse and church. In the past, water reached here through clay pipes that have survived to this day. I accidentally discovered the remains of these mosaics when grazing my goats. I think this is the floor of a church,” said Nihat.

The prefect of Yeshilov Ozgur Demir added that the mosaics and stones have historical value. Locals also claim that there are church crosses and various other symbols between the ruined walls and stones.

It has been proposed to adapt this location for tourist visits.

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