The Mystery of Stone Spheres Discovered in Artsakh

The Mystery of Stone SpheresStrange stones were discovered in Artsakh recently. The Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic Sergey Shahverdyan was the one to report about the unusual find.

In a small area, dozens of carefully processed stones were scattered. Experts do not yet know what those stones could be. Neither their purpose nor their age has been established.

There is an assumption that these strange stones had been used to grind grain or squeeze grapes for wine. However, they don’t look like classic millstones used in the Armenian Highlands from more ancient times. Nor are they similar to stones used for crushing grapes that had been found in such areas as the Areni cave.

The similarity of these stones with fantastic UFOs excites the imagination. But most likely, these structures have been used to obtain some kind of resources. Time and research will show their purpose.

Earlier, it was reported that a similar artifact had already been discovered in Egypt. It has been probably used for milling wheat.

Ancient Egyptian two-part millstone

And this is what was discovered in one of the regions of Artsakh.

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