Author: Anastas Bazilevs

Holy Cross Church on Akhtamar Island

Ախթամարի Սուրբ Խաչ եկեղեցի (“Akhtamari Surb Khach Yekeghetsi”, Holy Cross Church of Akhtamar) is an early medieval monastery of Armenian Apostolic Church and has been built by architect Manuel during 915-921. The Surb Khach church is one of the unique monuments of architecture and fine examples of artistic progress in Armenia during 9th century. Since

The First Rock Band of USSR

The first rock band of USSR gathered in the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute from students of architecture faculty in 1967. The leader of the group was singer, poet, composer and guitarist Artur Meschyan, who already had some fame for his student years song “Ուր էիր Աստված” (“Ur eir Astvac”, English: ”Where Were You God”), dedicated to

Secret of Artsakh’s (Nagorno-Karabakh) Victory

My younger friend asked me a question yesterday: “What helped us to win 20 years ago?” Of course, this question came to my mind before and every time words like “spirit”, “steadfastness”, “loyalty” appeared in my head. It might sound overenthusiastic and seem like bragging, but at the same those words cannot answer the question

Ani, The Ancient Capital of Armenia

In 45 km from Kars, on the very border of the Republic of Armenia are the ruins of the once great medieval city of Ani, the capital of the Ani kingdom. The history of this city has been well studied and a numerous articles and books have been written about it. I will highlight only

2700 Years Old Yerevan Street

The Armenian-French-Iranian archaeological expedition that had lately excavated the Erebuni fortress has discovered the oldest known street in Yerevan, Armenia. The head of the Armenian side of the expedition, archaeologist Mikael Badalyan, said: “This year a nearly 30-meter street paved with beautiful tiles was discovered on a plot near the Khaledi Temple of the Erebuni

Modern Technology and Children

It is important to notice the impact of new technologies on children’s health and psyche. When technology gives us an easier way to solve problems, the older one starts to fade away. That is a good thing indeed, but we started, for instance, to walk less as means of transportation were invented, which oftentimes affects