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Hovhannes Hakhverdyan – First Minister of Defense of Armenia

Last year was celebrated the centenary of the First Republic of Armenia. Along with this, it would be correct to note the fact that the Armenian army was created and fully held a century ago as well. And the first minister of defense of Armenia was Lieutenant General Hovhannes Hakhverdyan. He served as minister from

First Armenian General in the US Army – Haig Shekerjian

Haig Shekerjian was born on June 13, 1886, in the city of İzmit in the Ottoman Empire. He was only 5 years old when he together with this parents Hagop and Esther moved to the city of Fresno (California, USA). Haig’s father was a simple worker, while mother was a housewife. “Once I asked my

Moritz Wagner on Vasily Behbutov – Books Don’t Talk About This

Famous German traveler, biologist, and geographer Moritz Wagner during his trip to the South Caucasus visited Armenia and spent some time in Yerevan in 1843. In his books “Journey to Ararat and Armenian Highlands” and “Journey to Persia and Kurdistan”, he described his impressions about Armenia. “During my three-year wanderings in Asia, I received and

Armenian Cuisine Traditions Should Be Taught in Schools – Sedrak Mamulyan

Sedrak Mamulyan, chairman of the NGO “Development and Preservation of Armenian Culinary Traditions”, thinks that the Armenian national cuisine and its traditions should be taught in Armenian schools. “Today, it is very important that our traditions be preserved inside the country, and that the younger generation knows their cuisine. Through the Ministry of Culture of

I Am Proud to be an Armenian – Mayor of Montebello

The former pro tem mayor of the California city of Montebello Jack Hadjinian is the grandson of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. No wonder that the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015 was important for the first mayor – albeit pro tem – of Armenian origin. Jack Hadjinian told about this in an

Grigor Tatevatsi – Prominent Armenian Scientist, Philosopher

Grigor Tatevatsi (1346-1409 or 1410) was a prominent Armenian scholar, philosopher, theologian, and teacher of the Middle Ages. He was the rector of Tatev University in Armenia. Together with his teacher Hovhannes Vorotnetsi, he was one of the main representatives of the Tatev school. Tatevatsi was born in 1346 in the town of Tmok (now

Garegin Nzhdeh – Excerpts from an Open Letter to the Commanders of the Red Army

“It was you who by deception doomed the disobedient and freedom-loving people of Karabakh, Syunik, and Vayots Dzor to robbery and massacres. Along with social devastation, you ungodly campaigned to decapitate the people inhabiting this mountainous region. You, consciously ignoring the most minimal requirements of revolutionary ethics, became the allies of the completely reactionary, inhuman,

Archaeological Finds in Armenia May be a Worldwide Sensation

In an interview with “APKA Style” in 2015, the director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences Pavel Avetisyan told about the sensational findings of Armenian archeologists, their plans, and the need to present the phenomenon of the Armenian civilization to the world. Mr. Avetisyan, 2014 turned out to

Baron Ara Darzi – An Armenian in the House of Lords of England

Ara Wardkes Darzi, Baron Darzi of Denham (born May 7, 1960) holds the Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery at the Imperial College of London. He also served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the UK Department of Health. Today, Baron Darzi is among the world’s leading specialists in surgery. Research conducted under the guidance of

Since the Times of Herodotus, This Part of Asia Has Been Called Armenia

In the Ottoman Empire, there are still people with national aspirations and national potential. In the northeastern part of Asia Minor bordering Russia, there are six provinces in which the vast majority of the population are Armenians. Since the times of Herodotus, this part of Asia has been called Armenia. Today’s Armenians are the direct

Komitas – Armenian Composer, Singer, Scientist

Komitas (born Soghomon Soghomonian, October 8, 1869 – October 22, 1935) was an Armenian composer, scientist, singer, choral conductor, and public figure. Komitas’s father was Kevork Soghomonian, a shoemaker who loved music, composed songs, and had a beautiful voice. The composer’s mother Taguhi was a carpet weaver and also possessed bright musical abilities. Komitas’s childhood

Medieval Armenian Philosopher Hovhannes Imastasser

One of the greatest medieval Armenian philosophers, scientists, theologians, poets, mathematicians, cosmologists, and a successor of the traditions of Aristotle was Hovhannes Imastasser (Hovhannes Sarkavag, 1047-1129). Little is known about his biography. The information that we have comes from a manuscript biography rewritten in 1375. The author of this manuscript, apparently, lived in the middle