A Dragon-stone on Mount Aragats

A Dragon-stone on Mount AragatsA cooperative expedition consisting of specialists from Armenia, Germany, and Italy discovered an ancient dragon-stone (Vishapakar) in the ancient city of Tirinkatar – a Bronze Age metallurgic site – at an altitude of 3.000 meters.

Vishapakaras – “dragon-stones” – are characteristic menhirs found in large numbers in Armenia.

Usually, they are shaped like cigars and have fish- and snake-like heads. They portray vishaps (dragons), ancient mystical creatures. According to “Lonely Planet,” ancient vishap stones were used to mark the location of underground water sources.

According to Arsen Bobokhian, this particular dragon-stone may be dated back to the end of the 3rd millennium BC.

Archaeologists also discovered remains of wheat, barley, and grapes under the stone monument. These organic residues are yet to be examined.

Lastly, Armenian archaeologists found a bronze statuette of a dog dated to the 3rd millennium BC. According to experts, this statuette may shed light on what dogs looked like in the Bronze Age in Armenia.

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