A Strong Armenian is an Armed Armenian

A Strong Armenian is an Armed ArmenianIf you are not armed, you are always weak and defenseless. Weapons are a privilege of a free man. No one will protect you better than yourself.

Armenians have been deprived of the right to carry weapons for many centuries. Presently, using arms should be taught not only to soldiers but also to civilians.

Do not believe demagogues. Not the weapon kills people but the people holding the weapon. Not the pen makes a mistake but the one writing with it. Not the car causes an accident but its driver.

And whenever someone says that you can’t hold a weapon, that you are a fool and an animal that will shoot everyone, that you do not have a culture of dealing with it, know that you are considered a slave and they want to leave you defenseless both against criminals and the state which is also criminal.

Everyone should have a weapon, everyone should be able to use it, everyone should know how to look after it.

You are a free man, you have the right to have a weapon and use it against those who want to take away your property, your dignity, and harm your loved ones.

A strong Armenian is always an armed Armenian.

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