Abandoned Armenian Historical Monuments

Relatives from Van contacted the Agos internet resource and reported that recent earthquakes have somewhat damaged the temple of St. Bartholomew on the border of Iran-Turkey in Van Province. As a result of the tremors, part of the wall collapsed, and there could be even more damage.

Several years ago, experts demanded immediate repair of the church. Until recently, the Church of St. Bartholomew was in a forbidden military zone. The army recently left the area, and the church became the target of treasure hunters.

In the same circles, it is reported that a dilapidated house belonging to the family of William Saroyan was damaged in Bitlis. However, this news requires a deeper check because the possibility that the house did belong to the Saroyans is debatable.

During his visit to Turkey, William Saroyan expressed his wish to see the house of his family’s grandfather. In order to fulfill this wish, he was shown an abandoned house that had supposedly housed his ancestors.

Source: akunq.net

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