An Armenian Is A Volunteer Even In Compulsory Service – Garegin Nzhdeh

An Armenian fights with more tenacity and heroism as a volunteer than as a soldier of compulsory service. He hates to act on orders and, even more so, to die on orders. He feels like a volunteer even in the obligatory service.

This psychological phenomenon is due to the fact that for many centuries, due to his historical fate, he defended his country not as a slave – a slave to his nakharar – but as an Armenian obliged to fight for the freedom of Armenia.

This beautiful and blessed trait of the Armenian character should be cherished in every possible way, for the idea of voluntary service is much nobler than service by duty.

Voluntary service is a vow, and this is its point, its strength. No power can force someone who has not taken this oath, who is not ready to die for his homeland, to go to death.

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